Top 10 of reasons to book Villas Helios & Thalassa

There are many villas to choose from. Many among them are beautiful, others are quiet, some offer you the 'true' cretan experience and some others have nice views. Here is a list of our guests' Top Ten reasons to choose Helios and Thalassa and come back next year!
  1. Space and brightness: You must simply experience it! Spacious rooms, large balconies, the high ceilings... In Helios and Thalassa there is space and light!
  2. Endless possibilities: Whatever your interests are, there is something for you! From watersports to hiking, from shopping to sightseeing. Everything just a short drive (or walk!) away. Visit the picture galleries we have prepared for you about Almyrida and Chania / Crete.
  3. 5 Minutes walk to the beach: You do not really need a car and you can happily forget the shuttle service! Whether to the beach, to the taverna or shopping, you can go by foot. Forget the stress of packing kids, toys and towels and driving over the (yes, admittedly picturesque) maender roads for half an hour before reaching the beach. If you forget your suncream, 'home' is only 5 minutes away. You do not need to think twice before you drink a second glass of red wine in the taverna. And if you prefer to stay near the pool, while your teenage children want to go for a swim, to the internet cafe or meet their new friends, you do not have to drive them there!
  4. Highest standards: Maybe you cannot see that in the photos but you will certainly feel it while staying in Helios and Thalassa. Building and furnishing conform to the highest standards (using the best materials, extra insulation, high quality electrical and plumbing installations, including modern kitchen and entertainment appliances, excellent furniture and accessories) gave the villas the sense of quality, often missing from holiday accomodation.
  5. Sleeping comfort: You spend one third of you life sleeping and while on vacation probably a little bit more than that. Do you want to spend it on a cheap matress and return home with a back-ache? In Helios and Thalassa we do not offer 'hotel quality'. You will sleep comfortably on thick, anatomically right latex/coconut anti-allergic pocket matresses with natural materials. Sweet dreams!
  6. Style! The houses were furnished and decorated with love and care for the detail. There is an elegant balance between the traditional and the contemporary. We wanted rooms that step on tradition without being loaded. We wanted individuality without losing the comfort. We wanted space, colors, light and freshness! We think we achieved it!
  7. Gorgeous views: Although there are three villas in front of Helios and Thalassa, there is hardly a limitation of the view as the villas are located on a higher elevation. As you can see from the photos on this site, which were all taken from the villas, the views are gorgeous! What we love is the feeling of being so close to the beautiful scenery and especially the sea. In the morning, get your cup of coffee, get out to the balcony and let your eyes relax on the horizon at the north, or the impressive White Mountains behind the olive-tree covered hills at the south. At noon, observe the wind- and the parachute-surfers give their best in Almyrida, or the sea-gulls flying just meters away and diving for fish! In the evening watch the magnifiscent sunset and later have your dinner on the balcony with the little lights of Almyrida on the background and the stars above you.
  8. It is quiet! Although it has become a favorite holiday area in the last few years, Almyrida is far from being a mass tourism place. There are some bars and cafes, which also organise parties and special events. But there is no wild night-life, no techno parties in the streets. Almyrida is ideal for young and old, for families or groups of friends, for you to relax and recharge your batteries. Our villas are located very close to the beach and the main village, but far enough to be quiet. In our secluded neighbourhood there are only a few other villas and appartments, no shops or taverns. The small road passing in front of the villas leads only to these and there is no through-traffic. You sit at the balcony and you can hear the waves, the birds, some kids playing... Oh! and the cicadas!
  9. Service: We offer the standards: Our service team will sweep, mop, change the bed-linen and towels and maintain the pool twice a week. A welcome pack will be waiting for you, including some basics that you will need on the first day, so that you don't have to visit the super market first thing on your arrival. There are some books for you to read while tanning and some pool-toys for the children. But there is also a 24h property management service for you in case of smaller or bigger emergencies, from replacing a burned-out light-bulb to helping you finding an english-speaking doctor if someone in the family gets sick. In case you have other wishes (a rental car waiting for you at the airport, daily maid service, special food included in the welcome pack, a baby-cot, seat or a stroller, help with booking an excursion or a bicycle tour) we will be glad to help you!
  10. The prices: For the price of a stay in a hotel, you get a lovely house, with all the comforts and your own private pool.